About us

NADLAN-PLUS is the real estate company that was established 26 years ago by Mr. Shlomi Ben Ishai. The company includes 18 real estate consultants in two branches which specialize in two main departments, the first being the marketing of prestigious assets in Jerusalem, and the second department is investments in Israel whether as yield properties investments or as land for developers or new development projects. NADLAN-PLUS has expansive knowledge of prestigious properties, as well as personal connections from many years of experience, which allow our staff to suggest a wide selection of assets for sale in the area of Jerusalem.

Shlomi Ben Ishai - CEO

Exclusive apartments and properties in Jerusalem
NADLAN-PLUS offers a wide selection of luxurious properties across Israel focusing primarily on the Tel Aviv real estate market. The company specializes in the following Tel Aviv neighborhoods: Rothschild Blvd. , Kikar Ha-Medina ,Ha-Yarkon and beach area , Basel , Bavli , Ramat Aviv , Tzameret and the City Center . The latest real estate transactions at NADLAN-PLUS include : A private building in Rechavia for $2.28 million, a penthouse in Talbieh at $2.3 million, plot in German Colony to build 650 Sq.m for $4.6 million, and Exclusive penthouse in the Shaary Chesed for $1.85 million.
We specialize in the Jerusalem real estate market. Let us have the opportunity in finding your dream house, Luxury Penthouse, Duplex Garden, A Villa or the right piece of land to build your new home in Jerusalem.

Commercial Real Estate over Israel
The department of commercial real estate, which includes yield properties, has been in existence for 12 years – from an understanding that each layer of commercial real estate investment is built from the quality of each and every serious investment portfolio. We focus on property starting at 2 million dollars a transaction. Good reasons for the strengthening of the commercial real estate market are the low interest rates and the fact that the investors understand that the addition of income-producing real estate to their portfolio adds diversity, lowers risk and raises the general rate of return.
We have plenty investment properties, and high-yield commercial buildings that are rented to AAA tenants like banks, insurance companies, super-pharm & Government in a 6-10% return.
We also have a wide selection of plots for sale in great locations.

Company Values
Our work is meticulous. We believe that “The long way is the best way.” The key to execution of a successful transaction is an in-depth study of the direct and indirect factors concerning the transaction. While many people in real estate are satisfied in their checking of basic components of the transaction only, we analyze every component of the transaction which provide the customer with the ability to build both a general and detailed picture of the transaction that starts with an estimation of the value of the asset and continues with escorting them through the legal process, a tax plan, an illustration of the local labor market and an in-depth analysis of the contract and management of the asset – all catered to your individual needs. Two additional factors are the flagship of our company from the establishment of our branch – personal integrity and discretion. These conditions are mandatory in order to execute any quality transaction of such magnitude.
NADLAN-PLUS is the leading Real Estate Agency in Jerusalem.

NADLAN-PLUS provide a large variety of services, targeting private and commercial clientele as well as institutional for the entire real estate Israel market.
Whether you are looking for a home or a real estate investment in Israel, we welcome the opportunity to work with you individually by exploring options, implementing strategies and helping you fulfill your goals. We are true Real Estate experts in Israel, and combined with our dedication to our customers, we will provide you with the highest quality service possible.

Get your home in Israel, and let our top real estate Israel experts get you there!

Nadlan-Plus is a top real estate Israel firm, specializing in Jerusalem real estate, offering luxury apartments in Jerusalem and a wide selection of investments in Israel and properties across Israel. Providing unique services to the international community